Russia to Tormail: “I must break you.” Tormail to Russia: “I don’t think so.”

It looks like the Russian government has taken drastic action to eliminate a big name in liberated email services. has had its domain name pulled by its Russian registrar, and they say the chances are slim of getting the domain name back.

Take heart; they aren’t gone, but everyone with a email address has just been moved to via a different registrar. You can get official word from Tormail’s hidden service, which is untouched by Russia’s attack. (more…)


Take Back Your Freedom: Use Tor

Tighten up the tinfoil hats, folks; this is going to be that kind of day.

I know my readership extends to Europe and beyond, and I’m going to try to bear that potentially international audience in mind as I write this. But first and foremost, I am an American, and embrace libertarian sensibilities that may seem out of the ordinary for the contemporary political spectrum.

One of the things that Americans often say about this country is that it’s “the land of the free” or that it’s “a free country”. I scoff at this, largely because we have this really unsettling pattern of jailing non-violent people. We’re not really free in our homes, and we’re definitely not free on the Internet.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the world wide web. Go ahead and take a few minutes to look through the cookies your browser has accumulated. Don’t forget the Flash cookies. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (more…)