devices have different sector alignment

[root@dogface ~]# zpool replace zones /dev/dsk/c0t50014EE2072AB3D4d0 /dev/dsk/c0t50014EE2B66D775Ed0
cannot replace /dev/dsk/c0t50014EE2072AB3D4d0 with /dev/dsk/c0t50014EE2B66D775Ed0: devices have different sector alignment

And that’s where things went wrong. (more…)


illumos makes a comeback in the homelab

Up until a couple of years ago, I was becoming increasingly active in the illumos community. I’d given a talk on the subject at Triangle DevOps, and indeed my most popular entries on this blog tend to be the ones relating to SmartOS. But something happend in my professional career, a conflict of interests, that compelled me to pull back from that community for awhile. The conflict is now gone, and hot on the heels of illumos Day 2014, my interest is re-invigorated. (more…)

Quick Tip: Netatalk 3.0.1 on Joyent SmartOS

I had to fiddle around with this a bit and thought it might be useful to others. I’m using a Joyent SmartOS zone as a file server for my Macs at home, and Netatalk is really the best way to share files to a Mac from a UNIX system.

Real quick, here’s how it was done:

  • download netatalk source, untar the source, cd into the source directory
  • ./configure --with-bdb=/opt/local --with-init-style=solaris --without-pam --prefix=/opt/local
  • vim distrib/initscripts/Makefile
  • find the line that begins with “servicedir” and change it to:
  • servicedir = /var/svc/manifest/network/
  • save & exit the makefile
  • make && sudo make install
  • vim /opt/local/etc/afp.conf and add your shares
  • sudo svcadm enable netatalk
  • verify that it’s running with: svcs netatalk

Special thanks to rmustacc in Freenode/#illumos for helping me get the SMF manifest installing to the correct path. I hope some of you find this helpful.

Introduction to illumos – Oct 17, 2012 – Raleigh, NC

I will be speaking Wednesday night at the Triangle DevOps group’s October meeting, hosted by WebAssign. The topic is “Introduction to illumos”. I’m expecting this to be a gentle introduction to the illumos world for a target audience of Linux users. We’re going to talk a little bit about what illumos is (and what it isn’t), some of the benefits of using illumos that set it apart from Linux, some of the popular distributions (OpenIndiana, OmniTI’s OmniOS, Joyent’s SmartOS), and a few of the gotchas that I’ve run into with my own path of discovery on this platform.

More information about the meeting on their web site.

Meet the SmartOS Community

While hanging out in some of the regular channels for SmartOS help, I’ve noticed that some people may still be having a hard time finding where the community congregates. I know this is already documented in the SmartOS Wiki, but the Wiki is not yet as easy to navigate as it maybe could be.

Still, if you go there, the first thing you’ll find today is “Where to Find Us”. Pretty hard to miss. (more…)


It’s good to see other people out there are reading this blog and trying SmartOS for themselves with some success.

I’ve been talking to some of the fine folks at Joyent to start contributing back to this project. Some of the framework of a more mature project just isn’t there yet, but things are coming together. I filed my paperwork with them to join the project, and right now I’m trying to work out how to get more involved in packaging.

On a completely unrelated note, I spent part of today sorting through my collection of electronic components and organizing them into Plano storage boxes. I apparently underestimated how many of these boxes I would need, so I’ll probably go back to the hardware store tonight or tomorrow morning to get some more. It’s working out nicely, because the boxes are clear so I can see what’s in each bin of each box without having to open it. I used my old labeler to clearly label the value of each component bin.

I’d like to build a workbench out in the hackerspace (dubbed The Imaginarium, by the way) but I still haven’t had a city inspector out to perform the final inspection, which is necessary before I start making good use of the space.

Thank you.

I started this blog less than a week ago, and I wrote a niche article about SmartOS that I expected to get a few dozen views on over a period of days or weeks. It’s been a little over a full day, and I definitely got a lot more eyes on it than I was expecting. Thank you all so much! This really tells me that there is an interest out there in better SmartOS content. I heard you, and I’m planning on answering that. (more…)