State of the Nerd: Pens, Homelab, Docker/Rancher, Intel NUC

This is just a quick check-in round to cover an assortment of subjects. (more…)


fruits of insomnia

One of the common struggles that goes with being autistic is maintaining a regular sleep schedule. For a lot of us, it just doesn’t happen. Last night was a rough night, in which I did get a lot of sleep, but it was at the wrong time: 6PM to 1:30AM. After getting a full night’s sleep, I was ready to kick some ass. What to do?

I know! I’ll start working on my Jenkins CI server! (more…)

bonnie++ on on Frankenbox vs. HP Proliant N40L

I’ve got a few OpenIndiana boxes kicking around at the house, and I got to thinking that maybe my rather modern HP Proliant N40L with mirrored Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB disks and 8GB of RAM wasn’t all that speedy.

So I installed bonnie++ from the package repository and decided to see how the N40L, dogface, measures up against tuna, an old frankencomputer that I built from parts sourced from many places over many years. (more…)