Homelab Ketchup

I’ve been busy busy busy geeking out in my homelab. Where did we leave off? Oh, yeah, I set up that Jenkins server.

I’ve been pretty busy since then.



fruits of insomnia

One of the common struggles that goes with being autistic is maintaining a regular sleep schedule. For a lot of us, it just doesn’t happen. Last night was a rough night, in which I did get a lot of sleep, but it was at the wrong time: 6PM to 1:30AM. After getting a full night’s sleep, I was ready to kick some ass. What to do?

I know! I’ll start working on my Jenkins CI server! (more…)

illumos makes a comeback in the homelab

Up until a couple of years ago, I was becoming increasingly active in the illumos community. I’d given a talk on the subject at Triangle DevOps, and indeed my most popular entries on this blog tend to be the ones relating to SmartOS. But something happend in my professional career, a conflict of interests, that compelled me to pull back from that community for awhile. The conflict is now gone, and hot on the heels of illumos Day 2014, my interest is re-invigorated. (more…)

women in open source: revisited

The other day, I posted some thoughts capturing a conversation that happened in the illumos community over the weekend. If you missed it, head over first to The illumos Number That Bothers Me.

The conversation can’t die there. We’ve got to take pro-active steps to better understand how we got into this gender monoculture in the first place, and be catalysts to the change we wish to see in our community. I’ve been looking around a bit since then and found a few resources that should hopefully help to get the ball rolling. (more…)

the illumos number that bothers me (and what we need to do about it)

I just got back late last night from Surge 2014 and illumos Day, which immediately followed Surge the next day. There were some great talks going on, which I’m sure I’ll also be writing about. But the first speaker in particular dropped something on me that’s bothering me, and it should bother pretty much anyone that hears it.

Garrett D’Amore, founder of the illumos project, crawled through all of the commits and made a really interesting discovery. This is a four year old project, and remains relatively obscure (though some very visible things have come out of it, like zfs). In those four years, about 150 unique contributors have committed code into illumos-gate, the shared core of the illumos ecosystem that distributions are built on. Now on the surface, this number sounds pretty wicked cool. illumos is a fairly unknown project, sadly, so to score commits from 150 engineers sounds like a really good thing. Or is it?

Of those 150 unique commiters, 0 of them were women.

Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. (more…)

Quick Tip: Netatalk 3.0.1 on Joyent SmartOS

I had to fiddle around with this a bit and thought it might be useful to others. I’m using a Joyent SmartOS zone as a file server for my Macs at home, and Netatalk is really the best way to share files to a Mac from a UNIX system.

Real quick, here’s how it was done:

  • download netatalk source, untar the source, cd into the source directory
  • ./configure --with-bdb=/opt/local --with-init-style=solaris --without-pam --prefix=/opt/local
  • vim distrib/initscripts/Makefile
  • find the line that begins with “servicedir” and change it to:
  • servicedir = /var/svc/manifest/network/
  • save & exit the makefile
  • make && sudo make install
  • vim /opt/local/etc/afp.conf and add your shares
  • sudo svcadm enable netatalk
  • verify that it’s running with: svcs netatalk

Special thanks to rmustacc in Freenode/#illumos for helping me get the SMF manifest installing to the correct path. I hope some of you find this helpful.