2018 Student Camera Series

This is a handy index for all of the articles in the 2018 Student Camera series.

This series will work with a budget of $300 to put together a camera system fit for learning serious digital photography. This will be a camera that is sensitive to very real cost constraints while still offering outstanding image quality and room for personal growth.

Getting Started

You know you want to learn photography. But you don’t necessarily know where to get started. We’ll start with a basic camera setup that can take outstanding photographs without costing a lot of money. This camera will be good enough to grow with you. You’ll learn the technical and creative skills you need to create images that you can be proud to share.

  • Introduction – What sort of things are we looking for in a student camera?
  • Part II – Introducing the camera and its parts. Assembling all of the parts.
  • Part III – Configuration walkthrough. We’ll update to the latest firmware, reset the configuration to factory defaults, and make specific changes that will assist you as a student photographer.

Other topics to come in Getting Started include:

  • Introduction to the exposure triangle
  • Introduction to omposition
  • Exploring some basic photography genres

Breaking Out

You’ve got the basics down. You want to create images with a bit more punch now. You’ve been bumping up against the limits of your beginners camera kit and want to start expanding. Some of the concepts we’ll cover include:

  • RAW vs JPEG
  • Building out your lens trinity
  • Off-camera flash
  • Managing your photo library
  • Basic post-processing
  • Traveling
  • Exploring some intermediate photography genres

Learning to Fly

  • Following the rules, breaking the rules, being the rules
  • Finding your own style
  • Making your name as a photographer
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