Month: December 2015

Fountain Pens for Cheap Bastards

I’ve enjoyed using fountain pens for a number of years. This probably tickles the same part of my brain that appreciates typewriters and Victrolas. This is a really elegant writing instrument that never should have been allowed to fade back into obscurity and the hobbies of overpaid eccentrics.

If you’re curious about fountain pens, you might be put off by the enthusiasts who pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a pen. You just want something nice to write with, right? Maybe spending $25 to $30 on a Lamy would make sense to you if you already knew that you liked fountain pens.

What if I told you that you could have a really nice fountain pen for three bucks? (more…)


Reading & Writing Updates

During this calm before our family Christmas storm, I thought I’d drop a fresh State of the Nerd report. This one was going to be all over the map, as I’ve been very busy with a lot of things. But it became clear as I was writing it that it would be too long even if I just narrowed the scope to what I was reading and writing. (more…)