locked out of Twitter for using Tor

If anybody finds themselves missing my tweets, note that Twitter decided to lock my account for accessing it through Tor. I thought I’d post a little bit about it, because I’m sure this has got to be a problem for people in parts of the world where they must use technology like Tor to connect and enjoy some freedom of speech.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 5.50.28 PM

They even sent me a nice note right away with a temporary code (reswizzled here). Shame the temporary code didn’t work.

Hi Magnus H.,
We noticed that someone recently tried to sign in to your Twitter account (@Magnus919) from an unusual device or location.
If this wasn’t you, change your password now:https://twitter.com/account/begin_password_reset
If this was you, confirm your identity by using this temporary code: abcdefgh
You can also enter this code where you would normally enter your password when you sign in. Once you confirm your identity, you can continue using your current password.
If you’re having trouble, you can report a problem.
Thank you,
The Twitter Security Team

Note that I use Tor pretty extensibly for mundane things, including using Twitter. Note that even Facebook is making substantial effort to figure out how to let people use its services through Tor. Twitter, please do this.


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